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Articles or updates: A LinkedIn primer for content marketing


For content marketing professionals looking to target high-ranking decision–makers on social media, it’s no contest. Data from the latest Fortune Social Register showed 70 percent of CEOs use only one […]

Social media in 2017: New trends for the new year


Brafton’s Promotions & Engagement team weighs in on what will make social media campaigns successful for businesses in the coming year.

How and why to Twitter verify for a social marketing VIP boost


Getting verified on Twitter can lend credibility to your social media marketing strategy. Here’s a look at the benefits and what you need to get verified.

Brafton employees give thanks for marketing this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the food, the time off work, or the tradition. I love it because it’s something virtually everyone in America honors as […]

Successful social media: Audience, storytelling and conversation


Brafton Manager of Promotions & Engagement Allie Stone gives her expertise on the importance of social media marketing, effective strategies and nachos.

Use real-time user data to better target new Pinterest ads


A look at one possible strategy to effectively use Pinterest’s new ads platform from one of Brafton’s own social media managers.

Winning social strategies start with great content [success story]


Take a look at how Brafton’s social media team created a holistic social media marketing strategy and got results fast.

A snapshot of where social media marketing is headed


Recent changes to major social networks signal what is yet to come for social media marketing.

Why marketers can ignore Microsoft’s LinkedIn purchase


If Microsoft buying LinkedIn isn’t important for marketers, what should they care about when it comes to the latest news in their space?