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The importance of email marketing (infographic)


If content is king, email is the ace up the marketer’s sleeve.

Cool email signatures for marketing your brand


The marketing value of email signatures is often overlooked. When optimized, they can support nearly any conversion goal.

Are your emails accessible? Follow these best practices to accommodate all recipients (infographic)


Our pals over at Email Uplers want everyone to be able to interact with email messaging. So they made this infographic to help you improve your marketing emails. Check out their accessibility advice.

The ultimate guide to email nurturing


How well do you know email nurturing? This ultimate guide will help you get up close and personal with this highly successful inbound marketing tactic, including how to launch an email nurturing campaign of your own.

How to build an email list + 12 quick tactics you can use


An email list is more powerful than you know. It’s non-negotiable today. Every business needs one, and yours better be more calculated and effective than your competitors. That’s why we’re here.

4 cold email template styles for every business


Need help crafting a cold email? We’ve got you covered with these explanations and cold email template styles!

Why email is the undisputed king of marketing (infographic)


This infographic from our buddies at Email Uplers proves once and for all that email marketing reigns supreme.

Prospect marketing: What you do when you have a fish on the line


What’s a “prospect” anyway? How is it different from a “lead”? How do I market to one versus the other? Answers to these and other questions, here.

Drip email marketing: A smart guide to email automation


Why do drip emails perform so well? What is it about email list segmentation that makes your marketing campaigns so much smarter? We talk through all that, plus provide plenty of examples for you to emulate.