Content Marketing Strategist. Senior Content Marketing Strategist. Account Director and espresso extraordinaire.

These are just a few titles Allison McMillan has held right here at Brafton — and she’s worked hard to earn every one. Whether you’re hoping to jump into the wild and wonderful world of agency life or just want to find all the best meals in Dallas, Allison is right here to be your guide.

The Adventure Begins

As the youngest of 5 siblings, Allison had plenty of opportunities to practice what would become her greatest strengths: solid communication, attention to detail and a knack for building strong relationships. But she didn’t always know she wanted to be an Account Director at a digital marketing agency.

Growing up, Allison says she had many different aspirations — “writer, health care provider, makeup artist and dog groomer, to name a few.” Although her visions of the future changed, she was always motivated to create incredible experiences for others.

That’s part of what drove her to complete a Public Relations degree in Communications. It came as no surprise when she landed an internship at a digital marketing agency — and though she wasn’t doing makeup or grooming dogs, she was fulfilling her childhood dream of helping tell great stories.

“That role exposed me to the digital marketing world: paid search advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing and more,” she says. “I took a liking to the account management side of things.” She was eventually offered a full-time position as an Account Manager, and this, she says, was one more piece of the puzzle that would come together to spell “Brafton.”

Allison already knew she liked the high-energy world of agency work — “It keeps me on my toes,” she says. When she came across the Content Marketing Strategist (CMS) role on LinkedIn, she knew she had to apply. “I was drawn to Brafton’s global reach, the work-from-home option and the role itself. It perfectly aligned with my job experience and interests.”

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A Day in the Life

As a newly minted Braftonite and CMS, Allison did great things for her clients and coworkers alike. She was so great, in fact, that she quickly rose through the ranks — first achieving the role of Senior CMS and then becoming an Account Director. These days, she’s using all those skills (plus her childhood aspirations) to spearhead some truly incredible projects. 

“No 2 days are the same,” she says. “I get to learn a lot about different businesses and industries — and I meet new people every day.” Allison spends her time working with clients on marketing campaigns that support critical goals, from helping a software company show off its big-name partnerships to putting expert health care advice in the spotlight. 

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As Allison explains, that includes a lot of communication and collaboration. “On an average day, I’m in meetings with clients to discuss everything — day-to-day projects, new marketing strategies, topic proposals,” she says. “I also have meetings with fellow Brafton employees to check in on big projects.” In between all those gatherings, she loves to grab a lunch break with her assistant — her 1-year-old son. 

She says her favorite part about the role is the freedom to be strategic and creative. She also loves working with all the Brafton teams — a group of “extremely intelligent individuals.” (Her words, not mine!) 

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At the end of the day, she’s thrilled with what she’s able to achieve. As an Account Director and all-around excellent coworker, Allison has a lot to brag about — but for her, it always comes back to the experiences she’s able to create for others. “I always feel accomplished when we’re able to produce strong growth for our clients,” she says. “I’m also really proud when clients decide to continue their partnership with us. That shows they trust the work we’re doing and that we’re showing great results.”

Delighting in Dallas

Allison may be our go-to for account questions, client reporting efforts and expert advice on agency life, but she’s also an expert on all things Dallas. 

When work wraps up for the day, you can find her doing 2 things: “grabbing an iced oat milk shaken espresso and heading to the lake to enjoy a walk with my husband and son.” She says it’s all part of the Dallas appeal. “It has all the conveniences and amenities of a big city, but less of the hustle and bustle of other metro areas. NYC, Miami, LA… they’re fine places to visit, but the slower pace here in Dallas suits me better, especially as a new mom.”

It’s not just coffee and lake views you can find here, though; Allison says Dallas is “a sneaky underrated food city,” too. “My husband and I love to try new places on date nights or return to some of our tried and true favorites.” Although Brafton teams are scattered across the world, Allison’s recommendations are enough to make us all want to take a trip to the Lone Star State. 

In the meantime, we’ll just have to take her word for it!

Ashlee Sierra is a senior writer and editor from Boise, Idaho. When she’s not buried under her giant dogs, she can be found playing video games, telling ghost stories and having passionate discussions about the Oxford comma.