From the moment he began writing as a child, Chris Whitbeck had a natural flair for weaving words together. In October 2022 — a year after joining Brafton — he became one of the company’s senior content writers. But his journey isn’t one that was built upon overnight successes and good luck. It was one that involved hard work, dedication and a willingness to experiment.

But what’s a story without lessons to be learned? What can other content writers learn from Chris’ journey? And how did he get to where he’s at today?

Finding the Right Fit

After nurturing his love for writing since childhood, Chris studied journalism at American University in Washington DC — thanks to the advice of a high school teacher who recognized his talent.

“I was told by a teacher in high school, ‘Oh, you’d make a great journalist, the way that you write, it all sounds like a news story.’ So I thought, ‘Okay, great. There’s my life plan sorted out for me, I guess.'”

Chris’ journey took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit shortly after he graduated, making it challenging to find a job. Surprisingly, he had stumbled upon Brafton years earlier while still in school, researching the company and feeling impressed by our approach to content marketing. It seemed like fate had planted the seeds of his future with Brafton, a manifestation of sorts.

During the pandemic, Chris spent a couple of years looking for a job and worked at a cafe in his hometown. He found himself in a leadership position there, and the owners asked him to manage their social media account. “I figured, I might as well do it. And I used that as an opportunity to just write a little bit, just here and there, a tiny little thing,” Chris said. This experience turned out to be instrumental in getting hired at Brafton.

Despite not initially planning on getting into content marketing, Chris was drawn to the idea of writing in a professional setting. “I knew that it was an option for me because there were companies like Brafton out there,” he said. Fast forward a few years, and Chris had moved to Boston and spent 6 months searching for work. When he finally decided to apply to Brafton, he didn’t think he would get the job.

Chris recalls the excitement and disbelief when he received a response: “I submitted my application, and I got an email back from the editorial department, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even think that I’d get an interview. This is great!'”

As it turns out, Brafton was the perfect fit for Chris, and Chris was the perfect fit for us. 

A Day in the Life

Every writer has a unique work style. A day in the life of Chris involves extensive research, writing and connecting with clients. He emphasizes the importance of understanding his clients’ businesses and audiences, ensuring he can effectively communicate their messages. 

“I love the everyday grind of, ‘What’s on my docket for today? What’s the challenge? What story do I have to tell? What problems am I solving for?'” Chris shares his enthusiasm for the variety of work he gets to do at Brafton. “The most exciting part about working here is that there’s always something new to write about.”

At Brafton, Chris has been able to apply his skills to a wide range of topics, from food delivery and business cards to teleconferencing. But there’s one area where Chris’ expertise shines: technology. “I’ve taken up a niche of writing about cloud security and tech-related topics. I’ve become a go-to guy for that sort of thing.”

When asked about his favorite part of the writing process, Chris explained that it’s the moment when all the puzzle pieces come together. Reading a completed piece from start to finish and witnessing the story unfold gives him a sense of exhilaration. “I’ve taken to something that I never thought I would ever have the chance to do, and I’ve run with it — and so far, it’s been a bit of a success.”

life@Christopher Whitbeck

Hobbies, Goals and the Brafton Community

When Chris isn’t busy crafting compelling content, he indulges in his personal interests, such as cooking, immersing himself in movies and bonding with colleagues over their shared passion for Marvel. Ambitious and driven, Chris has set his sights on writing a book before hitting the big 3-0, expressing his determination, “I’ve set a goal for myself that by the time I’m 30, I will have written a book… As long as I actually have done it and it’s in my hands, that’s all I really care about.”

Even though he works from home, Chris cherishes the collaborative and supportive atmosphere that Brafton fosters. He says, “Despite it being a remote work environment, it’s more collaborative than you would think… it’s really nice having that community of like-minded people who are all also incredible writers.” 

As Chris reflects on his future, he hopes to leave a lasting impact through his work: “If everything shakes out the way I hope it does… I’ll also have left behind a trail of work that people, at the very least, appreciate or find some value in.”  

In Chris’s footsteps, we find a vibrant blend of ambition, passion and camaraderie, illuminating the path towards a fulfilling career where we can not only achieve our goals but inspire others along the way.

Quick Tips for Current and Aspiring Writers: Building Your Creative Toolbox

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, a silence seeker or a music lover, finding your unique path is essential. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creativity, but if you’re seeking a launchpad for your writing journey, Chris Whitbeck offers a treasure trove of invaluable tips to help you sharpen your craft:

  1. Read as much as possible to absorb different writing styles.
  2. Practice writing regularly to maintain and hone your skills.
  3. Keep a notebook to jot down ideas and inspirations.
  4. Take breaks and engage in hobbies to recharge your creative batteries.

So, take a leap of faith, and let your words shape the world in ways you’ve never imagined.

Natalie Bispham is a Content Writer at Brafton. She creates daily engaging, relevant, and on-brand pieces. Natalie ran her own blog about real estate and technology and has been in the industry for 5 years. Her love for football doesn't stop at just being a fan, she's also been playing the game for 11 years. Off work, her favourite thing to do is go on adventures, her latest one coasteering in Bournemouth.