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How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness: A Complete Guide (Infographic)


Marketing is a key factor in the success of any business. Here’s how to measure your marketing efforts with real data, not just guesses.

CRO Audits: How to Run Your Own + Follow Up Steps


Running CRO audits helps you identify why visitors to your website aren’t converting, which can help you improve the effectiveness of your site.

Your Guide to Google Analytics 4.0


Check out our in-depth Google Analytics 4.0 guide to learn what’s different, how to use it and what you should know before activating it.

13 Engagement Metrics That Matter and How to Measure Them


Learn how user engagement impacts content marketing by measuring key engagement metrics on your website. Convert your analytics into insights starting now.

The Top 9 Content Analysis Tools to Boost ROI


Learn how the right content analysis tool can help you measure and boost return on investment for your SEO marketing — and check out our list of top tools.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) — What It Is And How to Maximize


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is one of the less popular but very useful key performance indicators (KPIs). Read on to find some useful tips on what you can do to improve your ROAS.

What is a metric in Google Analytics? (And other GA FAQs answered)


Tracking metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics is one of the most reliable ways to assess your website’s performance as it relates to your marketing goals.

How doing nothing helped us earn a featured snippet


This sidewinding story about search intent, SERP analysis and one very confused search engine serves as a valuable SEO lesson.

Where Did Your Website Traffic Come From? Attribution Methods for 4 Types of Campaigns


Differentiating between the successes of various marketing campaigns is essential. Here’s how to measure which campaigns brought the most traffic to your website.