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How to measure content marketing ROI


Updated 2/22/18 There are a million wrong ways to measure the return on your content marketing program, and only a few right ways. Unfortunately, vanity metrics still dominate the field, […]

This is how content marketing is supposed to work (video)


Content marketing fails because most people don’t understand visitor intent. Matching the right type of content to visitor intent is your key to successful content marketing.

A positively easy technique for measuring content marketing [success story]


We live in a world that is data-rich and information-poor. I’m talking to you, Mr. or Ms. Executive. I’m telling you that your pretty dashboard is good for one thing: […]

Brafton becomes a Google Partner


Brafton has a storied history. Over the years, what started out as a news marketing shop has blossomed into a full-service agency where strategies center around content. Much of this […]

Learn Google Analytics Real-Time in 8 minutes


  To the untrained eye, Real-Time may seem like a tool designed solely to creep on your audience. While its capabilities do raise a few Orwellian flags, I promise this […]

How MarketMuse brought us to page one of Google [Case Study]


Editor’s note: updated 11/9/17. We now rank #2 for “Content marketing agency.” I knew there was something missing. You do your keyword research, you optimize all on-page technical factors, and […]

Why a “good” average time on site doesn’t exist


Take a look at why getting hung up on having a “good” average time on site hinders your marketing progress.

Why content marketing is better than static websites


Still using a static website? Find out why it’s hurting your SEO strategy and your brand.

Over and around: Andrew Walters on Brafton Consulting


Brafton’s Consulting department works tirelessly to improve our clients’ marketing efforts. Meet the man leading the charge.