ClickCease How We Helped Allitix Go All-In on Thought-Leadership Content - Brafton

Demonstrating expertise online is challenging, especially when your experts are slammed with their regular work. How can you expect them to find time to write articles that help showcase their thought leadership? The simple answer: You can’t. But we can, and we did, for Allitix.


We hear this a lot at Brafton:

“We have so many brilliant people and ideas, but we don’t always have the time to push those ideas out to prospects and clients.”

That’s Tori Hvizdak, Marketing Manager at Allitix.

Allitix is a consulting firm that goes “all-in” on client success. They use technology and smarts (and in fact they’re an Anaplan Gold Partner) to help everything from major airlines to trendy beauty brands make better use of their IT resources and solve critical business problems.

To put it mildly, this seasoned crew of consultants is full of great ideas. What they lack is the time to get more of those ideas on paper and uploaded to their blog as resources for clients and prospects.

That’s where we come into the picture.

The challenge: So many ideas, so little time

“My company hired Brafton to create the content we needed to elevate our consulting to the next level,” Tori said.

Specifically, Tori wanted compelling and useful thought-leadership content that Allitix could share with existing clients and leads.

“The goals were to have content for our website and campaigns that were well written and got our message across,” she explained. “This would bring our campaigns to the next level, spread brand awareness and encourage new business.”

The solution: An ace in the hole called Brafton

Our work

  • Blog posts.
  • Custom illustrations.
  • Video content.
  • Search Performance Briefs.

Not just anyone can write about, say, the nuances of inventory management and assortment planning. But we can, and we have:

Just a few of the posts we’ve penned for Allitix in the past year.


“Brafton has the technical writing skill to write about difficult topics but make it interesting to read,” Tori said. “They can take an idea and elevate it to the next level.”

This was everything to Allitix. The company’s entire business is centered around expertise and their consultants’ ability to find value-add opportunities that no one else sees. When putting their thoughts into words, we need to hit the mark. So far, we have.

“Consulting in data analytics and planning processes can be hard to express to people that aren’t in the industry,” Tori said. “But Brafton takes our outlines or slides, breaks them down and delivers exactly what we are looking for.”

The outcome: ‘Our messaging is more impactful’

Tori has seen 2 major successes since working with Brafton:

  1. “Our SEO has boosted tremendously, our campaigns are more significant, our messaging is more impactful, we would have a much harder time marketing our services without Brafton.”
  2. “Our software partner, Anaplan, has appreciated our content and it is always good to differentiate ourselves as a partner. The work Brafton does has continued to exceed our expectations.”

We used our proprietary Search Performance Brief to get Allitix in Position 1 for the keyword “a centralized planning process.”


That second point is particularly interesting, and it hammers home the reputational value that great content has beyond the scope of immediate goals such as customer loyalty and lead generation.

Of course, we’re only just getting started with our work for Allitix. There’s plenty more to be done, and Allitix is going all in on their content marketing efforts.

But between their brilliant consultants and our team of tech-savvy content creators, we have a winning hand in the making.