Hubspot Support

We have functioning code for both the COS and CMS Hubspot platforms for both written content and video. Typically Brafton will run this code on our servers on a scheduled basis.

This code works off of the Hubspot API and Professional edition or higher is required for API access. This code will need to be run on a scheduled basis.

In order to integrate, we will need an API key and the Hub ID (or Portal ID). Additionally, we will need the author you would like to attribute to your posts.  If you are using multiple blogs through Hubspot we will also need to know the blog you would like to import your content.

The Hub ID is typically located at the top right of any page once logged into hubspot.

You can visit once logged in to get your API Key.

To expedite the integration process we also highly recommend clients provide us with admin-level access to their Hubspot site in case we need to troubleshoot any issues with the integration.  If you create a new admin account for us, please use “”.

Please contact with any hubspot related issues.

To recap, we will need:
-Hubspot API Key (Needs to be obtained by the account owner. Even if we are given admin access we cannot obtain this. See the link above.)
-We will need the Hub ID of the hubspot client. Instructions on getting it are above.
-The author they want the posts to import under. It needs to be an existing user in hubspot.
-Admin-level access to their Hubspot site associated with (Highly Recommended)